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Brimbank Youth Services

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Youth Ambassadors 2017

Get to know your Youth Ambassadors as they share interesting information about their lives, and why they became Brimbank Youth Ambassadors (BYAs)!


My name is John and I’m a 22 year old working student, born and bred in St Albans. I love dogs and being a couch potato be that watching NBA, listening to Hip Hop and RnB or pigging out with my mates. But most of all I love the cities; the built and natural form, and the people, which is why I pursued a career in urban planning. I am a proud Australian (ethnically Vietnamese) and why I joined BYA was because like many residents in Brimbank I felt isolated and anxious, which left me in a rut of sorts transitioning into university and adult life in general. I wanted to ensure mine as well the views and experiences of young people living in Brimbank are listened to, and taking measures to ensure our needs are met. I am also a proud Westsider (West side, best side!) and want to celebrate the Brimbank culture and what its people, young and old, have to offer!


My name is Mehak and I’m 20 years old. I moved to Australia in 2012 and have been a committed westie since my first days in Melbourne. I’m currently completing my psychology honours while working in various roles at the local Brimbank libraries, University of Melbourne, Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network (MYAN) and the Foundation for Young Australians. You’ll also find me at a number of social justice initiatives, volunteering on advocacy and event committees and fire-starting projects and businesses, like Humans of Brimbank.

My cultural identity is a journey that I’m still going through. I am a third generation Kenyan, with Pakistani Punjabi ethnic roots and grew up in the UAE. I identify strongly with being a young Muslim woman and prefer to call myself a global citizen!

I decided to be part of BYA to strive for my passion for the west. A place I now call home. I have a strong drive for engaging with the community and feel so privileged to be around such a multicultural community. I see so much potential in the young people of our community and hope to help bring that to life, while celebrating intercultural, interfaith and intergenerational dialogue!


I’m Eunice and I’m 20 years old. I’m passionate about advocating and creating programs/content that is beneficial to a person’s individual growth and success. I’m interested in spoken word/storytelling, watching live performances and games. I’m currently studying Media and Communications.

As someone who is a part of the Brimbank community, I think it’s important for residents to be involved with what they can, when they can. I believe it’s important that as locals we not only focus on ourselves but everyone around us and Brimbank Youth Ambassadors was the first place that I was given the chance to do exactly that.


Lea, 21, recent Bachelor of Arts graduate, I enjoy reading the good old fashioned paper books, panic induced deadlines, and pictures of puppies. I joined Brimbank Youth Ambassadors to help young people like myself grow in confidence and reach potential.


My name is Michael and I am 21 years old. In 2016, I completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Political Science and Criminology. I am currently completing my Honours in Education Policy at the University of Melbourne. I also work as a consultant and facilitator for CQ Consulting and The Foundation of Young Australians.

I am passionate about education and enabling disadvantaged young people to achieve their full potential. I pursue this passion through volunteering, community engagement and mentoring. In addition to this, I am the Chief Executive Officer of a not-for-profit called Community Health Advancement and Student Engagement (CHASE), which works with disadvantaged schools in the North-Western Suburbs.

I joined the Brimbank Youth Ambassador Program to make a positive change in my community and to empower the future generation of Brimbank’s young people.


Hi, my name is Regina. I’m 19 years old and am of a Chinese-Timorese background.

This year I’m finishing my certificate III in retail baking combined and certificate IV in hospitality and frontline management. I’m also undertaking a Bachelor of Culinary management while also doing casual employment at McDonald’s. I’ve been volunteering for a year and half now and I love being able to help out the community. I am currently volunteering on my free time at various areas.

My motivation for being a Brimbank Youth Ambassador was to gain better leadership and social skills but now I’m excited to be a part of a diverse and talented group of people whom share a great passion of the community like I do. Being a BYA is amazing as I’m learning so many new things and its developing me into a great community driven individual.


My name is Jaqueline and I am 21 years old. I graduated from a Bachelor of Business Management (Human Resource Management) in 2016 and I am currently working as a HR Administrator managing the employment cycle and personnel-related documentation for a construction firm.

Throughout this experience, it became clear to me that many of my peers were stressed or suffering from anxiety relating to the prospects of future employment. I joined the Brimbank Youth Ambassador Program so I could contribute my insights in an endeavour to increase positive life outcomes for youth in our community.


I’m Jane, 23 and finishing my Master of Public Health at the University of Melbourne. Outside of uni, I work as an administrative assistant at a clinic and as a research officer at Marie Stopes Australia. I have a passion for improving community health, services and health promotion, particularly for women and young people. I graduated from a Bachelor of Biomedicine (Microbiology & Immunology) in 2015 and during my undergraduate degree, volunteered as a mentor for community health and student engagement at Copperfield College and work as a private tutor for high school and VCE students. I joined Brimbank Youth Ambassadors to give back to the community that I have grown up in, to give a voice to youth issues, put them at the forefront and help run fun and relevant events.


I’m Matt, 17 and Filipino. I’m in Year 12 at Suzanne Cory high school and in my free time I enjoy lifting weights! My ultimate dream is to represent Australia in the powerlifting world championships, and win! I also dream that I am able to make my parents proud of me and make something of myself.

I joined the Brimbank Youth Ambassadors because I wanted to give back to the community and wanted to get to know and work amongst like-minded people.


I’m Marion, I’m 21 years old from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I work at Sunshine Library as a Library Customer Service Officer, and also study Fine Arts at VCA.

I’m passionate about languages, most especially Korean, and dancing, volunteering, and would love to meet people from various parts of the world. I discovered Brimbank Youth Ambassadors by stumbling upon and joining a meeting one evening, and realised that it’s a good opportunity to have a voice for fellow young people.


I’m Ruvimbo I am 21 years old and I am a photographer. I graduated from my course in 2016. I am actively pursuing my career as a photographer and creative, honestly I am loving it! What inspires me seeing others going after their dreams and breaking barriers. Which is part of the reason that I decided I wanted to be a Youth Ambassador I wanted to be a positive influence for my generation and the generations to come.