Services Offered:

  • Support with job readiness
  • Pathways
  • Career counselling and guidance
  • Community programming, e.g. workshops, information sessions and seminars
  • Partnership related work

At BLF, we have the job advocate program since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has significantly impacted the Victorian labour market. Many Victorians are maybe dealing with unemployment in response to the disruptions and experiencing difficulties. Others in this climate may face a significant challenge gaining and securing employment. In this current environment, many Victorians will need support to secure employment.

The establishment of jobs Victoria advocates recognises that many people are unaware of the additional support available to them or do not know where to get the help they need to get back into work. Advocates will perform a crucial navigation role into the broader employment service ecosystem.

Advocates will be the local face of employment services in Victoria, helping direct job seekers to the types of support they need. Advocates will support anyone in the community looking for a pathway to employment or who needs employment-related supports.

The circumstances of people engaging with Advocates will vary from location to location, depending on local communities and the existing services mix, but may include:

  • People currently working but considering a change of career/job in the future
  • People undertaking post-secondary study who are unsure of their work options
  • Underemployed workers (i.e. those working fewer hours than they would like)
  • People currently out of the labour market but planning to re-enter the workforce
  • Retrenched workers
  • Long-term unemployed jobseekers
  • Jobseekers who are ineligible for Commonwealth employment services
  • Jobseekers referred by other services, including Victorian Government services
  • Jobseekers with multiple and complex barriers to employment.

For further information please contact:

Brimbank Learning Futures

80B Harvester Road, Sunshine VIC 3020

Brimbank Learning Futures Coordinator

Brimbank City Council
9249 4116

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