Apprenticeships for Brimbank Young People #001

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Australian Apprenticeships are available to any young person and offer you opportunities to learn new skills and be paid! Start HERE with our list of #LOCALBRIMBANK apprenticeships, you don’t have to go far to earn!

1. Apprentice Plumber:
2. Electrical Apprentices:
3. Plumbing Apprentice:
4. Marine Mechanic & Apprentice:
5. Apprentice Diesel Mechanic:
6. Apprentice Boilermaker:
7. Electrical Apprentices:
8. Apprentice Horticulture Assistants:
9. Carpentry Apprentice:
10. Engineering Fabrication Apprenticeship:
11. Apprentice Appliance Technician:
12. Apprentice Plumbers:
13. Apprentice Carpenter:
14. Automotive Apprentice:
15. Roof Plumber Apprentice:
16: Apprentice Cabinet Maker:
If you’re a young person and need further assistance with applying, preparing or anything in between that’s related to getting employed please contact the Brimbank Learning Futures team.
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