Brimbank Youth Forum | Collective Imagining Workshop

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Want a better future? The very first step is imagining it.

Right now we are existing in someone else’s vision. The good news is that the systems that shape our lives are ours to create, and ours to change. It’s time for us to dream up something better!

To find hope and create change, we need to imagine the better world that is possible and then work together to make it happen.

At this workshop run by FYA, you’ll activate your imagination and create a vision of the future you want to live in in 2050. You’ll share that vision with others through storytelling and you’ll leave hopeful and inspired for what our future will hold.

As part of Youth Fest 2022, Brimbank Youth Services are hosting a series of events for young change-makers in Brimbank.

The main event is the Brimbank Youth Forum, but we are also offering two capacity-building workshops to support your participation in the forum.

We’d love to see you attend all three sessions, but you are more than welcome to pick and choose the events that inspire you.

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