Unfortunately due to the uncertainty of the current covid restriction and the timing of the road map out we have decided to postpone the program until early 2022.

Do you want to develop your fitness and learn about yourself at the same time?

Empowering moves is a weekly exercise program for young people aged 12-25.

The program offers a way for young people facing challenges to develop coping skills.

BYS will utilise local providers to facilitate recreational sessions while the Youth Wellbeing and Belonging staff deliver personal development discussions.

Brimbank Youth Services is committed to creating a safe and inclusive community.
This program welcomes and values ALL young people and the diversity they bring through their sexualities, genders, ethnicities, culture and ability.

Discussions will cover:

  • Antisocial Attitudes And Behaviours
  • Values And Beliefs
  • Self-control
  • Unemployment
  • Good Mental Health
  • Substance Misuse
  • School Refusal
  • Family Dynamics

Our philosophy is that young people have resilience factors that can be enhanced through early and regular intervention prevents and reduces later health and social harms.

As an early intervention group, the program has three key functions:

  1. To provide safe pro-social learning opportunities.
  2. To provide ongoing assessment for appropriate post group referral/support and aid a continuum of care.
  3. To support the ongoing engagement of young people with their community through the development of interpersonal skills, self-confidence, self-worth and life skills.

Sessions: Thursdays, 12noon-1.30pm
Location: Lionsden Boxing Academy, 4 Malcom Court, Kealba

For more information, phone Brimbank Youth Services on 9249 4000
or email youthsupport2@brimbank.vic.gov.au

Empowering Moves - Brimbank Youth Services

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