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Brimbank Youth Services

A service provided by Brimbank City Council

Queer Crafternoon

Queer Crafternoon is a fun and informative social support group for LGBTIQA+ young people. Come take part in craft that celebrates sexual and gender diversity, meet people, make new friends, learn new craft skills and have good chats.

When: Fortnightly on Thursday afternoons 4—6pm, during the school term.
What: Craft! Think badge making, banner making, zines, nail art, post-ups, cross-stitch, knitting, patches…Snacks provided! It’s a fun and informative social support group for same-sex attracted, intersex, trans, gender diverse, and questioning young people where you can:

• Meet people

• Make new friends

• Learn new craft skills each week

• Have good chats

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Queer Crafternoon is run in partnership with Headspace Sunshine

To find out more or to register for the group, contact:
Brimbank Youth Services Phone: 9249 4110
or Headspace Phone: 9927 6222