The Youth Insearch weekend workshops provide a forum for participants to get together, share their challenges and experiences, and learn strategies to assist them in a safe and trusting environment. The knowledge that others have experienced similar issues, develops a sense of hope and belonging which results in participants being empowered to change their life direction and achieve new goals to live healthy lives.

The Youth Insearch’s theory ‘peers supporting peers’ utilises the experience of extensively trained young people, who support and guide other young people.

Young people that attend are typically facing challenges around family breakdown, relationships, identity, bullying, isolation, grief, managing emotions, low self-esteem, trust, mental health, abuse, sexual assault, and school disengagement. These challenges and barriers are all explored over the weekend with reflection, narrative, empathy, support, and strategies led by youth leaders, and peers.

Brimbank Youth Services is able to offer limited places of attendance for young people 14 – 20yrs living, working, or studying in Brimbank.

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