Upcoming Parent Webinar on Respectful Relationships, Human Sexuality & Consent

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Presented by Vanessa Hamilton
When: Monday 20th March
Time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm
Learn how to tailor conversations with your children about:
+ Healthy & Respectful Relationships
+ Body & Protective Safety
+ What Is Typical Childhood Sexual Behaviour and Development
+ Puberty Preparation
+ Internet Safety And Our Sexualised Society
+ Consent
How to choose suitable information about sexual health and wellbeing:
+ What is appropriate for my family?
+ How much do I need to tell them?
+ At what age should I discuss these topics?
+ What resources can I use?

What others have said:

  • “Brilliant, every parent should have access to this talk…”
  • “This talk was very helpful to me as a parent of both a kinder
    and a primary school child, thank you…”
  • “Such a clear presenter – easy to listen to, I liked the
    humour as it took the pressure off heavy topics…”
  • “I feel a lot more confident talking to my kids now…”
– Primary  and Secondary School Parents


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