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Brimbank Youth Services

A service provided by Brimbank City Council

The Team

The BYS team deliver outcomes (relating to the 2015 -19 Brimbank Youth Strategy, Brimbank Youth Services) comprised of the following teams: Youth Support / Young Communities / Administration


To contact BYS staff please call Ph: (03) 9249 4110

Damir Lendich
Coordinator Brimbank Youth Services

Damir oversees the overall delivery of youth services and actions as related to the 2010-14 Youth Policy and Action Plan. His role supports youth services Team Leaders as related to staff delivering actions as related to the current youth policy and action plan. His role also works closely with related youth stakeholders (within Council and externally) through varied partnerships as related to developing service delivery to young people which involves gap identification and addressing emerging issues.

Pronoun: He/Him

Work days: Monday to Friday


Youth Support Team

Cecilia Tankey
Acting Team Leader | Youth Counselling & Support Officer

Cecilia offers generalist counselling for young people. She is passionate about supporting young people to provide counselling and support as they navigate challenges such as relationship difficulties, emotional disturbances like stress or sadness, or self-esteem issues. Her approach is warm and empowering, using evidence-based strategies to find healing and solve problems. Cecilia loves to meet young people exactly where they are at, to follow their own unique process, and make them feel understood and deeply listened to. Cecilia is an experienced Psychotherapist with Accreditation as a Mental Health Social Worker.

Pronoun: She/Her

Days of Work: Wednesday & Thursday

Travis Walton
Youth Support & Engagement Officer

Travis’s role is to plan and deliver a range of supports for young people that enhance their health and wellbeing. This involves working directly with young people and schools in providing group health and wellbeing programs as well as individual support.

Pronoun: He/Him

Work days: Monday to Friday

Young Communities

Molly Jones
Youth Development Officer

Molly is a Youth Development Officer with the Young Communities team. She draws on a community development approach to working alongside young people in the Brimbank area to ensure they are respected as active and engaged citizens and that they have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate this.  She is always awed by the fresh, thoughtful and creative perspectives of young people as they work towards achieving better outcomes for their peers, their communities and their own futures. Molly will be working alongside the Youth Ambassadors to continue to strengthen their voices in decision-making processes, as well as with school students in Brimbank to create a space for their views on a range of community matters to be heard and developed.

Pronoun: She/Her

Work days: Monday to Friday

Mariah Magri
Youth Worker

Mariah is a Youth Worker at BYS in the Young Communities Team who plans and delivers a range of programs and projects for young people. She works with us to roll out the school holiday show bag program and the What’s on in the West document, each holiday,  for young people who work, study or recreate in the Brimbank Municipality. She supports the AAA community and runs the AAA dance party out of the Visy Cares Hub. Mariah is passionate about the use of research and consultation to increase opportunities for young people, which then positively impacts the community.

Pronoun: She/Her


Greg McCann
Brimbank L2P Program Officer

Greg coordinates the Brimbank L2P Learner Driver Mentor program, which is a joint partnership between TAC, VicRoads and Brimbank City Council. BYS have a dedicated group of Volunteer Mentors who provide their time and support to learner drivers accessing the program in order to achieve the mandatory 120 hours of supervised driving experience.

Pronoun: He/Him

Work days:  Monday to Thursday


Youth & Community Safety

Glenn Cook
Youth Safety & Programs Officer – Secretary of Police Citizen Youth Club – Street Surfer Bus

Glenn works within the youth services team to deliver safety projects and programs which address the needs of young people within the municipality. He also coordinates implements and evaluates the Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) Street Surfer Bus programs/activities that are appropriate to the needs of young people through consultation with Victoria Police bus Advisory committee and related stakeholders.

Pronoun: He/Him

Work days: Monday to Friday