Meet Todd: Your 2024 Brimbank Youth Councillor

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It’s time to meet your 2024 Brimbank Youth Council!

The Brimbank Youth Council is made up of young people in the area, who are motivated, excited and determined to represent the young community of Brimbank.

Todd is a Vietnamese-Australian university student studying Law and Science and a proud Dafyyd Lewis and Sir John Gandel scholar. Involved in his academics, Todd is part of Monash University’s ‘DGSS Steering Group’ as part of the ‘Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’ committee, is a Monash Law Ambassador, an ‘Access Monash’ mentor, a Model UN Facilitator under UNAAV, and currently also work as a private tutor specialising in English as a performance coach.

When he has time away from his many responsibilities, Todd plays badminton, swims, loves K-pop dancing, and indulges in a daily boba tea.

Read more about Todd below.

Why did you join the Brimbank Youth Council?

I decided to join the Brimbank Youth Council because I have noticed and experienced in my time as a peer, friend, and member of the local community that there needs to be a profound increase in youth representation, voice, and participation within the area where we live, work, play, and coexist. It is equally as important that there are opportunities for such abilities to be catered for, thus, taking a shot at being a Brimbank Youth Councillor will allow me to amplify things like specific issues, recommendations, or thoughts on a local government scale. It’s an amazing opportunity for self-growth, and interpersonal development, and is a great chance to work with a bunch of like-minded people who want to achieve the same goal and pursue the betterment and optimum of Brimbank.

What are you passionate about

In my scientific tertiary study, I’m majoring in geographical science and endeavour to pursue environmental law, land law, and am extremely passionate in modern law reform, societal justice, and human rights – basically a huge humanities geek, haha! I’m particularly interested in how the law can benefit and shape the society and world in which we live in, so it’s the basis for me studying law! I’m also an avid advocate for student leadership, voice, and representation within the wider society; I believe everyone inherently has the opportunity to share their opinion, but there may be some barriers or implications in partaking in the community, so I want to help break that down as part of my term in Brimbank Youth Council.

What are you hoping to achieve as a Brimbank Youth Councillor this year?

As a Brimbank Youth Council member, I want to amplify and project the necessity and importance of the youth in society, especially because we are the future of the time we currently live in, and it is up to us to make change, empowering for the better. I want to make it known to my friends, family, peers, and everyone in the Brimbank municipality that everyone can participate in shaping our lives as community members.  

What does a better Brimbank look like to you?

To me, Brimbank is already adequate and sufficient, with a plethora of targeted services and opportunities to cater for all members of the community, so I’m proud to be a resident in Brimbank. However, a better Brimbank would be one that works even harder to assist the disadvantaged, one that aims to eradicate or address the contemporary issues people face, one that fixates upon living amenities and enjoyment and quality of life, and one that further embraces and celebrates the vast clusters of cultures and identities all of us possess.

What’s one piece of advice you have for young people who want to create change in their community?

To those who want to create change in their community, go ahead! There’s no better time than now. No hesitation, no reluctance, no ‘What if I don’t do well/What if I’m not enough?’. None of that! Be confident in your ability and be tenfold confident in your capacity to help reform or modify the place you live, work, and coexist in for the better! Take that scary initial step so you can foster a longer road of success and pride.

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