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Guided by young people, we support access, equity and participation for all young people in Brimbank.

We focus on listening to the voices of young people, ensuring everyone has access to opportunities and supporting young people through challenging times.

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Empowering Moves

The Empowering Moves program offers a way for young people facing challenges to develop coping skills. BYS will utilise local providers to facilitate recreational sessions while the Youth Wellbeing and Belonging staff deliver personal development discussions.

Dynamic Young Citizens – Junior Engagement Program

The Dynamic Young Citizens program provides an opportunity for interactive communication platform between Brimbank City Council and local primary school aged children.

Tuning In To Teens

The Tuning In To Teens program teaches parents how to help their teen develop emotional intelligence over 7 weeks.

What’s On In The West

The What’s On In The West program is a guide for young people listing heaps of programs and activities run throughout Brimbank and the West during the school holidays.

Youth Voice | Have Your Say

“HAVE YOUR SAY” is an opportunity for young people to speak up and have a say about the things that impact you!

Universal Access Disco

The Universal Access Disco program is a free day time party welcoming all ability young people to come along for some themed fun.

Latest News

Get Active Kids Voucher Program

KIDS VOUCHER PROGRAM – Helping eligible families cover the cost of getting their kids involved in organised sport and recreation.

#BYCWASTEFREE – Shop til you drop (Sustainably)!

Sustainable shopping is all about learning how to lower your ‘foodprint’- buying food that is better for people animals & the environment. 

#BYCWASTEFREE – Compost Your Way To A Greener Future!

Did you know that Victorian households throw out about 250,000 tonnes of food each year. Almost half our household rubbish is food waste!

What’s On In The West – September / October 2021

What’s On In The West is a newsletter containing a list of free and low-cost activities you can check out during the upcoming school holidays!


Join Little Litter Project to unpack all things waste and how small steps can make a difference! Register For This NO COST event here.


The first event of our #BYCwastefree campaign this September is a #GoingGreen GAMES NIGHT with a theme on Sustainability.

The Team

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