Baby Steps: Introducing Solids For Your Baby

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Are you a young first time parent? Do you have questions about caring for your bub?
Stress less, we have teamed up with local midwife Bianca to help prepare weekly tips you can follow to become the best parent you can be!

Our first focus – “Introducing solids for your baby”

Baby Steps: Introducing Solids For Your Baby

1. Start to introduce solid foods when your baby shows signs that they are ready. This is around six months old, but not before four months.
2. First foods might be smooth, mashed or in soft pieces. Your baby can go on to minced and chopped foods.
3. Introduce different foods to your baby in any order, as long as you include iron-rich foods. There are some foods to avoid.
4. Keep breastfeeding or using infant formula until your baby is at least 12 months old.


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