Baby Steps: Literacy, Reading & Stories

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Literacy development is learning about sounds, words and language. Literacy is the basis for your child’s ability to read, write, communicate and socialise.

You can develop your child’s early literacy by communicating with your child, reading, and playing with rhyme.

Early literacy development is about every day, fun activities like singing, talking and playing games.


  • shows them that books can give both pleasure and information
  • helps them learn the sounds of letters in spoken language
  • helps them understand that stories aren’t coming from you, but from the words on the page – this teaches them about how the printed word works
  • helps them develop a larger vocabulary – books might use new or unfamiliar words
  • improves their thinking and problem-solving skills
  • can get your child thinking and talking about a new concept, an event or something that interests them.

A range of baby and children’s books, CDs, DVDs and toys are available at Brimbank Libraries.

Brimbank Libraries offer a range of Storytimes, Baby Bounce Sessions & a program called 1000 Books Before School.

It’s FREE to become a member, for more information check out:

While Brimbank Libraries are temporary closed you can borrow items online and get them delivered to your door. Call the friendly staff if you have any questions.

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