Baby Steps: Safe Sleeping Steps To Reduce Risk!

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In this weeks tips thanks to Midwife Bianca we look at safe sleeping steps to reduce the risk of SUDI.
Learn more about SUDI here.

  1. Put babies to sleep on their backs
  2. Make sure babies head / face can’t get covered while they’re sleeping
  3. Avoid smoking
  4. Use a cot that meets current Australian safety standards
  5. Share a room
  6. Breastfeed your baby if you can
  7. Avoid cot bumpers, soft toys, pillows, doonas, and sheepskin or lamb’s wool
  8. Use a firm and well-fitting mattress
  9. Avoid baby sleeping on couches or makeshift bedding
  10. Dress your baby in clothing that’s warm, but not hot
  11. Make sure your baby’s carers know how to protect against SUDI


For more info on these steps and illustrations check out:

Baby Steps - Sleeping Steps To Reduce Risk

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