Brimbank Youth Council: Mariam Hussein

 In Brimbank Youth Council

It’s with great pleasure to introduce your 2022 Brimbank Youth Councillor Mariam Hussein!

Name: Mariam 

Suburb: Sydenham

Tell us more about yourself!

I’m Mariam Hussein and I’m a 2022 brimbank youth council member. As a year 12 student i don’t always get much time outside of studying but when i do these are what some of my hobbies include, i enjoy watching anime, reading, cooking, taekwondo, sports, coding, tech and gaming. After year 12 I hope to go on a holiday.   

Why did you join the BYC? 

I wanted to make or be actively a part of change and to do that I want to represent others and people like me so that when it’s time for decision making everyone gets considered. BYC is the platform for youth issues. I believe it is a step in the right direction to positively impact the youth, it is hard for young people to be heard and in recent times youth are facing some of the lowest unemployment rates, in order to make improvements things have to change.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about empowering others to also make improvements within the community, some issues i vouch for are youth unemployment, safety in the community, the environment, homelessness, education, and the need for youth opinions in topics that directly affect young people. I also believe accessibility as in allowing people to get the help they need.

What are you hoping to achieve as a BYC member this year?

I hope to be involved in important discussions, i also want to research issues that need to be addressed and take the right actions in order to refine the way we listen to young people.

What does a better Brimbank look like to you?

A better Brimbank is a place where people are safe, a place where help is readily accessible, and education is emphasized. Brimbank looks different in everybody’s point of view, however a community where people despite their background can feel welcomed is what Brimbank should strive to be.

What’s one piece of advice you have for young people who want to create change in their community?

Go for it! Change is important whether its actions or words, and with any change you will face disadvantages much like this quote “change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end ” if you keep working for that change in your community you will eventually see it.

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