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?❓ Did you know that Brimbank has a Youth Council? Now you do! Meet Brooke, one of the Brimbank Youth Councillors!

#MEETBYC - Brimbank Youth Councillor - Brooke

Tell us three things about yourself!

I enjoy learning, especially about historical events, I think it’s important to know what mistakes and success we as a society or other countries have made so we can improve and continue to make the world a better place, and hopefully not make those mistakes again. I enjoy being creative in all ways, I used to draw a lot and make cities and creatures out of boxes and old recycled materials. Now I am into painting, I paint cartoons and pictures for my friends and family as gifts or just out of enjoyment. I am also interested in looking after the environment by using less waste, eating good healthy foods, looking after native animals and plants as well as overall keeping the environment around us clean and sustainable.

Why did you decide to join the Youth Council?

I decided to join the Youth Council because I like to get involved in making beneficial changes for the community. I’m passionate about creating a better society for our community to live in as well as highlighting what we need to upgrade and change in order for us to all live easy, peacefully and as an active community.

What issue are you most passionate about and/or interested in tackling and why?

I am very passionate about looking after the world around us environmentally. I think it’s so important to be careful in what we do with nature and the native animals around us, we need to think environmentally when making decisions and make sure we are designing and producing areas in our community that are natural and peaceful. I am also passionate about helping people, and making sure people are feeling healthy physically and mentally. It’s so important to be feeling good, letting your body move around and putting good healthy foods into it. And it’s just as important to be thinking healthy and positive, making sure we are talking to friends, family or professionals about our concerns and problems so we can get the help and support we need to be feeling our absolute best.

Why is it important for young people to be heard/part of the decision-making process?

It’s so important for young people to be heard and have a say in community decisions as we are a big aspect of the community. We are still learning and our minds are still developing, but we should be able to contribute to what goes on in our world as we will be in charge of it some day as the current adults are. As young thinkers, we have different views and opinions than adults. Having young people contribute to decision-making will overall benefit the community but allow young people to feel as though they are getting involved in their community and making a beneficial decision.

What’s one piece of advice you have for young people who want to create change in their community?

One piece of advice I would give would be to have your own thoughts, act on them and get involved. Having your own thoughts is so critical in contributing, you can express what might not have ever been addressed or thought of that could be beneficial in your community. Acting on your thoughts by getting involved by either talking to people in council, making clubs and groups to create awareness and educate people in your community are great ways and big steps in creating change for a cause you’re passionate about in your community.

Thanks for giving us such a great insight Brooke! We wish you the very best in your role as a Brimbank Youth Councillor and all future endeavours!

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