Chantelle Hughes (she/her)- Brimbank Youth Community Recognition 2023

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Brimbank Youth Services would like to acknowledge the positive contributions that local young people have made to the community.


Meet Chantelle Hughes!

Tell us three things about yourself

  1. I love dancing! I do contemporary and hip-hop twice a week!
  2. I also love to go to the pools for a swim and I love helping out those around me, whether it’s kids or youth or even adults!
  3. I am in the Crew for YSAS where we get together every fortnight to make change and help improve the service. I love helping out YSAS and being a volunteer for them.

Describe your connection to Brimbank

Lived and studied in Brimbank.

What is your favourite activity in Brimbank? 

My favourite place would be Visy Cares Hub as they offer many different programs and supports.

What do you hope for the future of Brimbank

I hope to see more youth detox and youth day programs in the City of Brimbank, and I hope to see more peer support workers and I hope to see YSAS expand.

Tell us about a personal achievement or accomplishment that you are proud of

I’m proud that I got my qualification of Youth Work! I’m proud that I volunteer for YSAS and for the Melbourne youth bus!

What’s one piece of advice you have for other young people who would like to get more involved in the community?

Never give up! Sometimes things may not go your way, or it’s too slow, but keep at it and never give up and you will get a solution.
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