Kayla Parker (she/her)- Brimbank Youth Community Recognition 2023

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Brimbank Youth Services would like to acknowledge the positive contributions that local young people have made to the community.


Meet Kayla Parker!

Tell us three things about yourself

  1.  I’m a 4 year long youth volunteer with St John’s Ambulance.
  2. I love anything music-related, whether that be being a part of musicals or anything performance-related.
  3. Working in the healthcare industry is a huge dream of mine, as I hope to become a paramedic or emergency nurse in the future!

Describe your connection to Brimbank

My connection to Brimbank initially started all the way back in 2018, when I started my high school experience at Keilor Downs College, and since then it’s only progressed even further as overtime I’ve become tied to countless communities in Brimbank through work, volunteering, studying, leisure, the list goes on and on.
One thing is for certain is that the connection I’ve built with Brimbank is one that I’m incredibly grateful to have, and I look forward to seeing what my future in Brimbank has to come!

What is your favourite activity in Brimbank? 

My favourite activity to do in Brimbank, is simply going out into the community and helping out in anyway shape or form. Whether that be through volunteering with the local St John’s Ambulance Brimbank division, sharing my input and advice on youth-related council initiatives, or organising community focused events with my high school!

What do you hope for the future of Brimbank

What a tough question, there’s already so many incredible things about Brimbank, but I think in the future I’d really like to see more residents and community members getting back out there into the community and helping out wherever possible. As a municipality we have so many incredible avenues to give back to the community, so it would absolutely incredible to get even more people involved as it’s such a rewarding experience for everyone!

Tell us about a personal achievement or accomplishment that you are proud of

My most recent one would definitely be being the 2023 recipient for the Brimbank Young Citizen of the Year. The achievement has opened so many more opportunities for me, and allowed me to be even more involved in the Brimbank community than I was before, which is something I will eternally be grateful and appreciative of!

What’s one piece of advice you have for other young people who would like to get more involved in the community?

Simply put yourself out there, look online at different volunteer opportunities or community organisations, and just go for it! We all start somewhere but just know that once you start your journey of community involvement, it is the most rewarding and life changing experience! One that I encourage every single young person to try for themselves!
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