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MeetTheOrganisation - Brimbank Youth Services - Headspace

We continue our #meettheorganisation campaign with headspace!

Tell us about Headspace

Headspace is a youth mental health service for young people. It is a one stop shop for young people, friends and families/carers. It provides early intervention support for young people between the ages of 12-25 years old. As a headspace client, you are able to gain access to support that could assist you with any concerns that you may have such as physical, mental, vocational, drug and alcohol concerns. headspace is family inclusive, culturally welcoming, open and non-judgmental service. Young people, family and friends are welcomed to attend headspace for groups that tailors to the needs of the community. headspace provides a safe space for young people so that they could feel heard and understood.

What young people are eligible for your service? (Criteria)

A young person must be 12-25 years old, requiring low risk early intervention support. We don’t close our doors just because someone is ineligible. There is no wrong door policy. We refer when necessary to support that fits your needs

How are you offering help to young people in the community?

We have a youth advisory group who volunteer and undertake projects and implement ideas that would assist with bringing positive change to young people and their communities. We offer groups like Mental Health Masterclass to improve mental health literacy and more!

How has your service delivery changed during Covid-19 restrictions/ lockdown?

During restrictions we can use telehealth services where we undertake calls, video conferencing (zoom or health direct) to support YP to continue engaging with our service. We provide online workshops such as Mental Health Masterclass to support young people build capacity in areas of their wellbeing that they would like to know more about or work on.

What have been some positive outcomes that Headspace has achieved?

The positive outcome that headspace provides include:
– advocacy work in the community,
– capacity building for individuals,
– connection with other people,
– knowledge of what services are out there,
– referring to reliable resources,
– being part of a holistic caring community of mental health practitioners of all fields,
– being involved in research and part of a movement of young people who are there to make a positive difference for the Brimbank community.

Is there any other information you would like to share?

We are a growing organisation, our services have expanded to having a mental health nurse, sexual health nurse, drug and alcohol worker, vocational support team, peer support, family/carer peer support, parenting/carer support sessions, groups that supports the LGBTQIA+ community and ECC (enhanced care clinician) who provide support to the missing gap of young people who have mild to moderate mental health challenges but don’t qualify for tertiary services.

For more information on Headspace or to get in contact with them see here:  www.headspace.com

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