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🤔❓ Did you know that Brimbank has a Youth Council? Now you do! Meet Rianne, one of the Brimbank Youth Councillors!

#MEETBYC - Brimbank Youth Councillor - Rianne


Tell us three things about yourself!

Three things about myself include how I’m a mix of European and Asian, leading me to love a lot of different food and celebrations with both sides of my family. I am one of the four school captains at my school, Sunshine College for this year, representing them along with another captain in the BYC. And lastly, I have a passion for helping people reach their goals, regardless of who they are and where they come from. 

Why did you decide to join the Youth Council?

I joined the BYC not only to represent my school in the council but to also set a good example for kids around my age to all those around us, to help out the Brimbank community for its youth, adults and elderly and how we can make this community a better place. Whether it be safer, more clean, or has more entertainment and things to look at.

What issue are you most passionate about and/or interested in tackling and why?

Issues that I am most passionate about include many. Some I may not be able to have a say in and some that have been issues for years before I was born. But as a child and seeing what is happening on the news, especially as of this year. It makes me even more passionate towards helping those around me as much as I can. The environment, as climate change is a deadly and very real thing. The mental health of everyone, as having good mental health is important to living the rest of your life. And another big one is the equality of everyone, as it’s seen still as a big issue today even though we are beyond times when equality was barely even a thing shared among everyone.

Why is it important for young people to be heard/part of the decision-making process?

I feel it is important for young people to be heard and part of the decision-making process because although we do not all have the same experience or great minds of those older than us. We are not only the future generation, have great minds and ideas of our own, but want the best for the community we are all growing up in. For ourselves, those that are older, those that are younger and those to come.

What’s one piece of advice you have for young people who want to create change in their community?

One piece of advice I would give to someone, whoever they are and whoever they want to become is to not only work hard towards your passion. Don’t be afraid to hear the word ‘no’. Use it as a reminder that you can make, do and choose better things and learn your lesson and come back from it a better person. To be confident in yourself. To think before you act. And treat others with respect. Respect others opinions, values, decisions, religion, culture, abilities and basically who they are. Treat others how you want to be treated.

Thanks for giving us such a great insight Rianne! We wish you the very best in your role as a Brimbank Youth Councillor and all future endeavours!

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