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As the world becomes increasingly faster and trends become easily accessible, many things tend to become more harmful despite their popularity and productivity. Fashion is one of those things. With numberless online stores, trending franchises, endless catwalks, and the need for an aesthetically pleasing social media presence, we see that fashion has become so fast, it’s furious as well.

The Fashion Industry has a large negative impact on the planet. Annually the fashion industry creates more CO2 emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping. In Australia, 6000 kilograms of cheap, disposable, and mass-produced & fast fashion & items are dumped in landfill every 10 minutes. Yikes.

Now, the purpose of this blog isn’t to shame those who shop fast trends. Your sense of style is your own and you should own it, however considering the impact of your fashion is the beginning of making your style more long-lasting and sustainable. It’s the best decision for your wardrobe and for your world.

Why Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is a sustainable and conscious approach to fashion. It considers the supply chain, uses natural materials, and expands sustainable consumption thereby making clothing long-lasting and positively impactful for people, animals, and the earth.

It would be ignorant to think that one could become a slow fashionista overnight. It takes time and education, and you can start right here! Below are tips for beginners. You can start today to be less a part of fast fashion and more consistent with slow fashion trends.

Tips for beginners: Try them on

These tips can help you build healthy habits surrounding clothing. No matter where you are and what your wardrobe looks like, you can do these:

● Thrifting And Shopping Secondhand

Shopping at thrift stores or second-hand shops already reduces waste significantly since fewer clothes will need to be produced. Less clothing means fewer fabrics and textiles will end up in landfill. It is ultimately the way to live the well-known motto, “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

● Learn How To Repair

Ever feel disheartened when you see a loose thread on your favourite woolie jumper or cardigan? I know I have. A natural response is pulling the thread out (no matter how many times you tell yourself not to) and throw out the whole clothing piece because you pulled out too much. Mending and repairing clothing doubles the life of any piece of clothing. You could say it even lengthens the life of the planet as it reduces emissions significantly. You can learn how to patch a hole, sew a simple stitch, or even find your nearest clothing alteration.

● Don’t Throw Away, Donate!

Donating your clothes ensures that others can take part in slow fashion. Often donated clothing impacts those who need clothes more than those that just want new clothes. While impacting the supply chain and landfill positively, you can positively impact someone else, too.

● Go Clothes Shopping With A Reusable Bag

It’s been the world’s mission for people to take reusable bags to grocery shopping. Reusable bags aid in decreasing pollution, protecting wildlife, and conserving resources. Why not use them when shopping for clothing?

● Avoid The Dryer

Using the dryer negatively impacts the environment and your clothes. The power used for drying clothes increases your carbon footprint when you can easily air dry them. The lint is also evidence of your clothes wearing away. Save power, energy, and your clothes by ditching the dryer!

As the world becomes increasingly faster and trends become easily accessible, many things tend to become more harmful despite their popularity and productivity. Fashion is one of those things. Let’s refrain from harmful and reckless choices. Start today by adopting and adapting one of the tips for beginners. You will experience a greater sense of awareness while maintaining your great sense of style. Let slow fashion be your lifelong trend that embellishes your love for the earth and your role on it. You may not get to walk the catwalk, but you get to walk the earth. And it’s small, steady choices, even fashion choices, that help you appreciate that.

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the (people) who wear them will.” – Anne Klein

Learn more about Slow Fashion at the following sites:,, and

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