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?❓ Did you know that Brimbank has a Youth Council? Now you do! Meet Thomas, one of the Brimbank Youth Councillors!

#MEETBYC - Brimbank Youth Councillor - Thomas

Tell us three things about yourself!

I am a preservice teacher studying my Bachelor of Primary Education degree with Australian Catholic University. I hold a passion for languages as well, having had the opportunity to learn Italian throughout my secondary schooling years. I am also an identical twin, which causes lots of confusion amongst our relatives.

Why did you decide to join the Youth Council?

I joined the Brimbank Youth Council primarily because I wanted to continue making a difference in our community. It is so important that young people can have a say about what happens in our councils, as we will be the ones who live out the effects of those decisions in our lifetime.

I’ve had a history of engagement through leadership opportunities, such as within the Languages department at my secondary school. As a Languages Captain and member of the Languages Club, I helped play a part in advocating for greater languages education within the college and wider community, such as through events and public speaking opportunities.

What issues are you most passionate about and/or interested in tackling and why?

An issue I am passionate about is tackling the rubbish that litters our beautiful municipality. Along the Kororoit Creek, some of the rubbish that ends up in the waterways is often a result of what is littered onto the sidewalk of the trail. By placing bins in strategic locations, we can help reduce some of this pollution in a timely and cost effective way, whilst also encouraging people to use bins. Aside from environmental concerns, I am also passionate about the future potential growth of Sunshine. With the Melbourne Airport Rail Link, Sunshine is set to become an even busier suburb and therefore future transport links and developments should continue to reflect this.

Why is it important for young people to be heard/part of the decision-making process?

The decisions being made today are going to affect everyone, however it will be the youth that will live out and bear most those effects in our lifetime – That is precisely why our input matters, and why young people need to support one another to create positive changes in our community.

What is one piece of advice you have for young people who want to create change in their community?

To create change means in part to spread awareness. If there is an issue you are passionate about, start off by doing some research around the topic and gather the opinions of family and friends. That way, you will know more about the subject and have an idea of people’s differing opinions on it.

Thanks for giving us such a great insight Thomas! We wish you the very best in your role as a Brimbank Youth Councillor and all future endeavours!


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