Brimbank Youth Council Update: 003

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Hi everyone,

I’m Jade and I’m a member of the Brimbank Youth Council. In this post, I’d like to give you an update on what the BYC has been working on.

COVID means we’ve all had to make changes, and perhaps face challenges. With this thought in mind, we’ve decided to put together a campaign that focuses on mental health. So far, we’ve been busy assigning roles and considering topics, and now we’re moving on to preparing material for media platforms.

We’ve broken the council into three working groups; a “meet the organisation” group, a group focusing on self-care tips and a “connecting with others” group:

“Meet the Organisation” focuses on the various resources that support young people’s mental health; like Headspace and Orygen. Keep a lookout for these posts on the BYS social media platforms.

The self-care group is focusing on ways you can support your mental wellbeing during tough times. Watch out for blog posts and infographics on social media and the BYS website.

The third group is working on connecting with others and supporting healthy relationships, which I’m sure many of us will find relevant during this time.

In our weekly zoom meetings, we’ve discussed the importance of relationships and support networks, as well as physical factors like sleep and exercise. We were fortunate enough to have Belinda, a youth counsellor in Brimbank, attend one of our meetings, where we learnt about how to support others who are having a hard time.
The council are excited to bring all of this information to the Brimbank audience, and we hope that the campaign will become a helpful resource.

In addition to working on our project, the BYC also attended a consultation with the Commission for Children and Young People, where we discussed the impact of COVID-19 on youth. It was a fantastic opportunity to represent the youth of Brimbank, and I’m grateful to the staff who made it such an open and safe environment.

Please stay safe and remember to take care of yourselves.

Stay tuned for more information over the coming weeks!

Brimbank Youth Council Update: 003

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