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MeetTheOrganisation - Brimbank Youth Services - Salvation Army Employment Plus

Over the next few days we will be introducing you to a range of local organisations that provide different services for young people in Brimbank.

We start our #meettheorganisation campaign with The Salvation Army Australia! We caught up with the organisation and asked them a few questions.

Can you please tell us a bit about the Salvation Army’s Transition to Work program?

The Transition to Work (TtW) program provides a service for youth to engage in training and/or employment. We work with young people for 18 months to assist them with barriers they may be facing towards sustainable employment.

What young people are eligible for your service?

Young people aged 15-24 are eligible!

How are you offering support to young people in the community??

We assist young people by providing workshops online or assisting with finding job and training options.

We also offer assistance to address other barriers that might prevent them from sustainable employment by referring to Allied Health services such as mental health or homelessness services.

How did your service delivery change during Covid-19 restrictions/ lockdown?

We engaged participants by utilising virtual appointments and courses and regular phone contact.

What have been some positive outcomes/ changes you have supported young people to achieve?

We have worked with a diverse group of youth whom we have supported with homelessness, mental health and/or drug and alcohol barriers, lack of employability skills, lack of peer support etc.

Regardless of barriers, we have seen youth engage in education and sustainable employment as a result of this program.

If you would like to find out a bit more about the Transition to Work Program, check out:

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